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Lacrosse Uniform & Pinnies Pricing

Full Sublimation Lacrosse Uniform

$69.99/set (10-50)
$59.99/set (51-100)
$52.99/set (101-250)
$46.99/set (251-500)
$39.99/set (500+)

Full Sublimation Reversible Lacrosse Uniform

$124.99/set (10-50)
$114.99/set (51-100)
$99.99/set (101-250)
$84.99/set (251-500)
$69.99/set (500+)

Full Sublimation Lacrosse Jersey

$49.99 (10-50)
$44.99 (51-100)
$39.99 (101-250)
$36.99 (251-500)
$32.99 (500+)

Full Sublimation Reversible Lacrosse Jersey

$79.99 (10-50)
$74.99 (51-100)
$69.99 (101-250)
$59.99 (251-500)
$49.99 (500+)

Full Sublimation Lacrosse Shorts

$29.99 (10-50)
$27.99 (51-100)
$24.99 (101-250)
$19.99 (251-500)
$46.99 (500+)

Full Sublimation Lacrosse Reversible Pinnies

$42.99 (10-50)
$39.99 (51-100)
$34.99 (101-250)
$29.99 (251-500)
$24.99 (500+)


Design Your Lacrosse Uniforms EXACTLY How You Want!

We have hundreds of different lacrosse designs you can use as inspiration, or we can make a completely original design for you.



Be sure to send us your photos while rocking Wooter Apparel and be featured!

Lacrosse Uniform Features

  • 100% premium polyester

  • Choice of full set or top only

  • Free custom designs

  • Sublimated designs

  • Available in all sizes & colors

  • Available in men's and women's

  • Player names & numbers (optional)

  • Machine-washable

  • 3-4 week delivery

Our custom lacrosse uniforms are made with premium fabrics and can feature any design you want.

We will work with you to create the perfect design for your organization.

Start your order now and get it in 3-4 weeks.

Step 1:
Fill out the request form.

Take a minute to fill out the request form with some general info. We'll contact you within 24 hour to begin your custom Lacrosse apparel order. 

Step 2:
We create the designs.

We will work with you closely to come up with the perfect set of Lacrosse designs for your organization and then send the order to our manufacturer.

Step 3:
You receive the order in 3-4 weeks.

Once we finalize all the designs and put in the order you should expect your Lacrosse apparel in 3-4 weeks, for your players to enjoy.

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