Wooter Apparel FAQ

You've asked, we've answered. We have put together some generally asked questions from our clients so that others can view as well. Feel free to ask us anything else... anytime!


1.     Brief overview of our company and experience.

Wooter Apparel is the go-to place for custom team uniforms and apparel in 25 different countries worldwide. We design and manufacture uniforms for every sport and all types of apparel, including all sizes. Our turnaround is 2-4 weeks, and we are proud to make some of the highest quality uniforms, using only the most innovative fabrics in the market.

Our HQ is in NYC, which staffs a team of 40+ including tech, design, operation, sales and support. Our factories are in China which have been accredited with some of the highest awards for safety and efficiency.  

2.     Brand(s) of uniforms, apparel, and merch that is sold.

Everything we make is WOOTER. It is our brand. No middlemen, straight to the client from our factories. Thats why our pricing is amazing.

3.     Ability of your company to offer sublimated jerseys (number of designs to choose from or custom, any limitations on colors, number of jerseys/shirts sizes available).

We have our own team of designers who are there for you – around the clock, ready to make any design you can imagine. EVERY INCH of the uniforms is fully customizable, EXACTLY how you want. That’s one reason many love to work with us.

4.     Ability of your company to offer cut and sew style jerseys (please provide options for screen printing, heat transfer, sublimated patch/twill, or embroidered patch/twill – plus jersey/sock size availability).

We focus on Full-Sublimation, which is the best printing method for sportswear since it never wears off. 99.9% of our orders are sublimated, except our socks which are knitted. Sublimation is the best technology available right now and lets you create amazing uniforms that will last for many years. We offer tackle twill and embroidery for an extra charge.

We can do screen print or heat press but we do not recommend it because the quality is nowhere near that of sublimation, plus we offer the best deals on sublimation.

5.     Any other jersey/uniform options not previously considered.

Anything you need done, we can get done.

6.     Please describe any jersey reinforcements, or optional jersey reinforcements with pricing.

The jerseys we make for every sport is the highest quality product available with todays technology, and many years of R&D. We generally offer a standard style for each sport based on popularity. However, as mentioned, anything you need done, we can get done.

7.     Please include details as to the weight and style of the fabric.

Our material is a dry-fit, moisture wicking, breathable 100% Polyester fabric. Generally the body of the uniform is interlock mesh fabric for durability and there is a lycra fabric around the neck and shoulders for flexibility.

Our weight is generally 140 -  280GSM (grams per sq/m) depending on the sport and apparel. We can do lower or higher based on what our client prefers.

8.     How any volume discount would be affected if different style jerseys are offered between house and travel designs.

We have price discounts on higher quantities because production costs go down. We are very upfront with our pricing. All pricing is on our website for each sport: www.wooterapparel.com.

9.     If sublimation is done in-house or by an outside group.

As mentioned, all manufacturing is done in our factories in China.

10.  If artwork is included in the pricing.


11.  Various shipping cost of jerseys (if not included in the price).

Depending on shipping method (by sea or by plane), it will cost 2-3$ per jersey, 4-5$ per set, and extra for football pants, backpacks and heavy/bulky items.

12.  Where jerseys are produced and where the sublimation (or sewing) is completed.

As mentioned earlier, our production facilities are in China.

13.  Ability of your company to produce the number of jerseys needed. Please provide examples of other large associations or teams you work with.

We have done big orders (thousands of pieces) for many clients around the world. YMCAs, JCCs, celebrities, professional leagues, big-time athletes... you name it, we've done it! Check our website and social media or inquire directly for more info.

We can guarantee a month delivery, or we will be able to offer a partial refund, that is how sure we are of our on-time delivery.

14.  Describe level of customer service and availability of point of contact.

Our live chat is 24/7. Our phone support is 10am-8pm EST, Mon-Friday. Our account managers/sales reps are available around the clock. Great customer service is part of our experience.

15.  Standard turnaround time for each style of jersey and any guarantees offered of such delivery.

3-4 weeks is our general turnaround time. 2-3 weeks can be done with a rush charge.

16.  Ability of your company to provide sizing kits and describe proposal to sizing of players.

Not a problem, we encourage it.

17.  Explanation of expected error rate.  Describe any common errors you have encountered, how they were remedied, and quality control processes in place.

We do a QA test at the end of our production cycle for EVERY order. For bigger orders we follow a very strict cycle because we send out sizing sets AND custom samples to insure the color, size, and design is 100% correct and exactly what you will be expecting.

For smaller orders, we offer custom samples and sizing sets for a cost. For bigger orders, it is free.

18.  Any additional information that would set your product, service, or company apart from others.

If you read our reviews on our website: www.wooterapparel.com, or see our social media: www.instagram.com/wooterapparel, you will see why we are growing so quickly. People love the ability to bring their designs to life and wear professionally-made uniforms for affordable pricing. Add our customer experience and fast turnaround and Wooter Apparel becomes a brand that’s capturing more of the uniform and apparel market every day.

What can Wooter Apparel beat out other uniform providers on?

1. Price 2. Quality 3. Turnaround 4. Design and customization 5. Customer experience