Wear Wooter Apparel and WIN!

Get free uniforms, apparel and credit on your next order by winning in your league or tournament while wearing Wooter Apparel.

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How it Works:

1. Submit your team photo(s) wearing Wooter Apparel with your trophy/championship and include details of the win. 

2. Post on social media and tag @wooterapparel. We are everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

3. We will reach out to you to offer your credit or gift. We will also feature you on our social media and website to hundreds of thousands of followers!


Send us your story and tag @wooterapparel on social media.

Win free uniforms and credit on your next order!

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We are proud to showcase some of the extraordinary organizations who we've been working with:

Kankakee Eastside Bulldogs

Huge congratulations to the Eastside Bulldogs for winning the Pee Wee Superbowl and staying undefeated 11-0. Even more IMPRESSIVE: racking up a 302-0 point differential!!! That is amazing! 302 points scored, 0 points allowed. That is big time. Great work!

Riverfront Rebels Basketball

The Riverfront Rebels were ranked the 5th best third-grade team in the country and they won the Reebok Basketball Tournament... and they sure looked good while doing it!

MVU High School Football

This story is the reason we love what we do! Eric Bushey, the Head Coach of Missisquoi Valley High School lead his team to the school's first win in school history - on senior day. Is it because they were rocking Wooter Apparel? Some might say... yes!

SWV Hustle Basketball

This 4th and 5th grade boys basketball team dominated the Ball Till You Fall Tournament and are the 2017 champions. There's definitely many more wins coming for the SWV Hustle team in 2018.

Rohingya Football Club

It doesn't get any bigger than this... full cover story in the paper and a championship to go along with it. Congratulations to Rohingya FC and a special shoutout to The Kick Project for creating something memorable!

Send us your story and tag @wooterapparel on social media.

Win free uniforms and credit on your next order!