How Little Things Can Go a Long Way

A story about Hamid, my brother from Africa.

“In the world full of unkind people, be kind because it means a lot to those who need it”

Hamid and his friends in Africa rockin' Wooter Apparel uniforms.

Hamid and his friends in Africa rockin' Wooter Apparel uniforms.

How it Started

(As told by Alex Aleksandrovski, Founder of Wooter Apparel)

One day in March, Hamid reached out to us on Instagram wanting to tell us about his life in Africa. We talk to a lot of people on social media every day, but something about Hamid was special: he had a heart full of gold. Hamid told me about his family, his home (Tanzania) and his love of basketball. After talking for a bit, it was funny to see that even though we're 7500 miles away, we're still the same.

Designing Hamid's Uniforms

After sharing Hamid's story with my team, we wanted to do something special for him. It didn't take long to decide because there's really only one thing we know how to do better than anyone else and that's CUSTOM UNIFORMS :)

We told Hamid that we will create the uniforms for his whole team, all we need from him is his design ideas. After thanking us, we heard back from him within a day! Hamid drew out his uniform design on a piece of cardboard which was awesome! I never had anyone do that before. Making the design on our end was easy. To keep it short, the design was FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥 Clean, beautiful and the heart of Africa across the front of the jersey.

Hamid's cardboard drawings.

Hamid's basketball design before production.


After getting his sizes, jersey numbers and names, we got to work. 2 weeks later, the basketball uniforms were ready to be shipped out and I let Hamid know.

This was his response:

Email 1:

Screenshot 2017-05-16 14.13.09.png

Email 2:

Just from these two emails alone, the effort we put into making these uniforms for Hamid and his friends was well worth it. It is eye-opening to see how some people view the world. In the end, it's unfortunate that a few bad eggs spoil it for everyone else.


After we shipped out the uniforms, we ran into a few hiccups with DHL. They were delayed, then lost, then found and delayed again. However after numerous calls, Hamid finally received his uniforms. 

Here's what he told me after:

After all this, I am happy to say that I have a friend in Africa welcoming me with open arms. On a final note: Those uniforms came out beautiful! 🔥🔥🔥

With this opportunity, I wanted to share:

Hamid's Story

(As told by Hamid)

Hamid Suleiman Ahmad, that’s the name my parents had given me the day I was born. I was born in 1993 December 11 at Mtwara, Southern part of my country Tanzania. At age 24 now, I’m the first born in the family of four children and all boys. They raised, guided and took care of me. Our family wasn’t wealthier nor was it poorer but by God’s blessings my parents managed to afford taking me to school from nursery to university level where I am now. I am a student at Muslim University of Morogoro taking my bachelor of Law with Sharia [LLBs]. As a little kid in school; I wasn’t such bright but I was as I still believing that, I can achieve anything that I do believe in no matter the challenge nor circumstances that I will be facing. Always ambitious to achieve my dream goals in life and it’s that thirst which makes me strive harder, focus on mines to take one step each day at a time and less consider about others. I grow up each passing day and become more responsible of my own past, present and my dear future; and since I’m first in the family, I see myself to be responsible for my parents. I have to help them take care of my younger siblings and relatives.

When I was kid especially in my early teens I loved art. To be an artist is still dream goal despite becoming a lawyer. I draw graphics, and design houses, cars, and clothes. For me it’s just talent but I know you need more than that. Talent alone does not make the greatest artists in the world. Even after I graduated from all levels of my educational journey I wasn’t lucky enough to further my dream goals of becoming the great artist that I could be. In my schools art wasn’t among the studies which were professionally taught by the teachers. Only in the best and most expensive schools they taught you artistic studies. If you want to became a good artist you had to work hard by yourself, without help. I wasn't able to afford private education and it was too hard for me to find a way in life by being an artist. For this reason it easy for dreams to die with you (or us) in our death beds unaccomplished. 

There is a lot in my mind as a youth and a dreamer who fights for his dreams but not yet explodes because of such obstacles in my life. Muhammad Ali, who is my inspiration has said... "One who is not courageous to take risks, will accomplish nothing in life”. I hope that I can one day fulfill my dreams, maybe with a little help. Everyone needs help. I want to show my parents that through arts one can also do a lot of things for his/her life and the people around them. The only way arts will become a way of life for people is when it is supported by everyone. I want to change the view of most artists who give up in my country. It’s not only through general studies that most people can become successful in life. If we put our efforts together, people in our country can change the world with arts.

In the case of Wooter Apparel, I have a lot to say based on how this thing came to me and of what it left me with. I’m so thankful to Brother Alex and his team of Wooters and I wish them luck in everything they do. Brother Alex made me believe that God always works in mysterious ways. How and why we met is not easy to understand. In the present days of our lives for one to come out and agree to donate beautiful jerseys and cost themselves money and then deliver them to you without ever meeting is big. It was just a bit of little chats and you came up to trust me. This was big for me and will always be unforgettable till the end. It’s the legacy he and his company had left on me because we live in the dirty world full of dirty people with dirty motives. But this company under Brother Alex and his friends made me believe that there also exists within it people who works for this wise statement which says: “In the world full of unkind people, be kind because it means a lot to those who need it”.

For I believe one hundred percent in this company and its people in it that they’re not perfect and that’s nature. We all know we born that way. It’s the only company that I know which does not only look to feed up its pockets from the capital generated from the deals it makes, but rather it deeply cares for its beautiful customers. Because if they did to me for free, imagine what will they do to you for you. I will always support them and am happy for everyone who wishes to work with them because they are the best in their early days and I expect even more in the upcoming days.

I welcome everyone who wishes to visit Africa, especially my home country Tanzania. It’s a country full of adventures that will cheer up your soul and make your visit so enjoyable. There exists the biggest mountain in Africa known as Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro crater, Ngorongoro wild national park, full of rich wild animals like lions, giraffes, buffalos, hyenas, tigers and our lovely Islands of Zanzibar.

Hamid's Message

My final message and legacy to the world is: We all know that we are imperfect. We should not use that as an excuse for us not to do what we are supposed in all areas of life. All the people who we know and who we admire and take them as our inspiration or idols are imperfect too. However since they never used that as an excuse it resulted for them to light up their lives and inspire ours too. In most cases life will always try to hold you down but always keep up your faith and beliefs. Your life will someday turn out to be ok and wonderful to the extent that your story could be the reason as to why somebody else survived the storms of his or her own life and then live up to their dream goals. Rather than hate, ego and prejudice, I choose love because it conquers all. I wish you all luck in everything you do.

With love,

Your Brother from Africa, Hamid.

 Love you all. Stay blessed and let love and faith lead!!!