YouTubers, Gamers, And Influencers Launch Apparel Merch Shops To Grow Their Brand

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Wooter Apparel is constantly looking for ways to innovate with its extensive designs of customized uniforms and jerseys uniquely produced by the growing sports tech apparel brand.  

We've seen that across the board as Wooter has teamed-up with players, teams, and leagues at all levels around sports and the world in working on uniform and jersey designs. We've also witnessed the maturation of the brand with the launch of Medusa, the futuristic urban clothing line designed by Wooter and hip-hop mogul Master P, and offering its own Fan Shop experience as well. Master P and Wooter then followed up the collaboration by rolling out their NOLA Gators and the Atlanta Heirs gear featured at their online Fan Shop, with the Gators and Heirs competing in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League. 

Regardless if someone hosts their own YouTube show or vlog, are involved in gaming, or are exploring ways to grow their own personal and professional brand via social media, Wooter takes the clothing line through the easy steps of design, production, promotion, and featuring each selection through their online merch shops: Your store, your clothing line, your chance to grow your merch store via social media channels, while partnering with Wooter to promote your merch to the masses. 

In the end, it's proven to be another viable avenue to grow a business and shirt or hoodie purchase at a time. 

The Rise Of The YouTuber, Gamer, And Influencer In Apparel

In the past two to three years alone, we've seen the virtual rise of merch stores sales increase based on the popularity of YouTube helped spawn online pop brands and clothing lines like Logan Paul's Maverick and Jake Paul's Team 10, which is currently featured on FanJoy. You can add a guy like Daniel Middleton to that list too. According to Forbes, the Mindcraft gamer was named the Highest-Paid YouTube Star in 2017, $16.5 million, which includes branded content deals and merch sales.  

Wooter has already experienced this growing trend as well where vloggers, gamers, influencers and entertainers can display their own hoodies, shirts and gear by easily opening their own merch store; everything from partnering on the overall design, setting up the online shop, and providing quick turnaround on designs and delivery is managed by Wooter Apparel, and includes incentives like earning commission on each sale, putting out high-quality items and 24/7 support.  

In January, Wooter worked with ROOGHZ, the critical ops YouTuber and content creator on developing and producing their featured line and Fan Shop. Employing a fully customizable design, Wooter designers worked diligently to incorporate ROOGHZ current logo and also launch their online store.   

It all came to life in a matter of days.  

"More and more, we are seeing YouTube gamers, celebrities, actresses and singers take a growing interest in promoting their own personal brands and apparel lines and while this is a bit different market than our traditional team stores, we feel this is the right move at the right time," said Alex Aleksandrovski, Founder and CEO of Wooter Apparel. 

Right now the gaming industry talk also has a lot to do with the chatter of eSports and how "professional" players, teams and leagues are either establishing or furthering their own E-sports careers, so to speak. The NBA once again is becoming the trendsetter in this arena coming off All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles in February ("Industry research firm Newzoo projects that e-sports revenues will grow to nearly $1 billion this year, from $325 million in 2015.). There is also an increase of eSport teams forming at the college level, with Wooter having worked with programs like Southwest Baptist University and Lourdes University on their team gear. More than 50 programs (National Association of College eSports -- NACE) compete in North America alone, with Robert Morris University serving as the first school to offer varsity college eSports back in 2014. The eSports boom is also having an impact internationally, with a 7,000-seat eSports arena currently being constructed in China and scheduled to open in mid-2018.

In the past few months alone, Wooter has partnered with Master P and the New Orleans Gators and the Atlanta Heirs,  Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson of Scoop B Radio, as well as gamers and eSport college teams, with other musicians and influencers to be added soon with the launch of their own merch shops.